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Arturo was born in Miami, Florida. On October 19, 1957. He spent his youth between Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States.

He then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, were he graduated in Architecture at the University of Nebraska in 1981 and Master in Architectural Design in 1984.

He has a natural artistic talent since he was very young and during his college years he received formal art training.

Although he uses different media… such as oils, pastels, pencil, and combination of these…he has chosen acrylics and watercolors to express his current work.


Arturo Montoya has a permanent installation at the Lotus Garden Restaurant, located at 318 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134.
Also, he exhibits his work at The Custom Quality Gallery and Frames, located at 6011 S.W. 8 Street, Miami, Florida, 33144